7 Principles of Integrative Medicine


Cathy explains why the 7 Principles of Integrative Medicine is necessary for restoring optimal health.


Within each of us is the ability to heal. Integrative medicine practitioners empower this innate healing ability to help you restore your health. Very simply, we help provide the body what it needs to heal. We partner with you to support the foundation of your body, find and correct deficiencies, and remove barriers that interfere with the body’s natural healing ability.

During this process you spend more time with the practitioner, reduce or stop your prescriptions while restoring optimal health. As a result the root cause of your problem is addressed.

7 Principles of Integrative Medicine

The key to this simple but powerfully effective approach lies in the 7 Principles of Integrative Medicine:

  1. Return responsibility of care back to the rightful owner, the patient. 
  2. Healthcare providers are educators and teachers to their patients. 
  3. The patient is the healer with their own natural healing resources already within themselves.
  4. The healthcare provider’s role is to help remove the barriers that interfere with the body’s ability to heal, and provide what the body needs to restore optimal health.
  5. Determine the root cause of the problem, only treating symptoms as long as necessary.
  6. Do no harm.
  7. Be patient and trust the inherent wisdom of the body’s ability to heal.

The integrative medicine approach returns healthcare back to the patient and their provider. I encourage you to call today for your free screening to learn how we can help with your health concerns.