Eliminate the Cause & You Eliminate the Symptom


Why eliminating the root cause of any health problem is a superior strategy to symptom management.


If your check engine light began flashing on your car’s dash, would you cover it with duct tape and keep on driving? Of course not! These warning lights are a clue that something is wrong or needing service. If ignored, these warnings signals could be dangerous leading to an accident or worse.

I know this all too well. Years ago I ignored a warning light and ended up stranded in the middle of a snow storm 50 miles from the nearest city. My radiator had a small leak resulting in an overheated engine.

Common Sense

When it comes to your health, covering the symptom with a drug can lead to deteriorating health and even death. Why? First, we expose ourselves to drugs that have side-effects, some fatal. Two million people are reported to have drug related side-effects yearly. Sadly one million people each year pay the ultimate price dying from drug side-effects.

Secondly, we put off taking care of the problem which caused the symptom. It’s easy to believe you have taken care of the problem once the symptoms have improved. Don’t be fooled. For example - a heart stent can eliminate chest pain, and save your life if a heart attack occurs but it cannot prevent future heart attacks.

Natural & Effective Treatments

For the comfort of the patient, sometimes symptoms must be treated. Integrative medicine practitioners recommend natural and effective treatments. At times, even surgery may be indicated to save one’s life and buy more time to address the underlying problems. We understand the process doesn’t end there…it’s the beginning.

Learn More

Integrative medicine addresses the underlying cause or causes of symptoms. Using the 7 Principles of Integrative Medicine, deficiencies and barriers are addressed and eliminated allowing the body to heal. I urge you to learn more and evaluate the drugs and supplements you are taking. Are they treating the underlying problem or merely covering up your symptoms? If you want help, call for your free screening to learn more.