How You Can Reduce Your Risk of Developing Cancer


Best ways to reduce the risk of cancer revealed here.


Cancer rates are set to increase at an alarming rate globally. The World Cancer Report released in 2003 predicted cancer rates could increase by 50% to 15 million new cases in the year 2020. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the US. But cancer may soon overtake heart disease death rates. One out of three women and two out of three men will have some form of cancer in their lifetime. Is this the luck of the draw? Or is there something you can do to be the one or two that don’t have to deal with cancer?

If you watched the video on chemicals and detoxification, you recall there are over 100 million chemicals globally. The rise in cancer rates closely parallels this exponential increase in chemical use since 1990. The human body has not adapted to dealing with these unnatural substances.

Smart Cancer Defense

Your first line of defense is avoid exposure to chemicals whenever possible. We teach you what is in your household that is slowly poisoning you and putting you at risk. Things like Round-Up, pesticides and eating foods on the dirty dozen list. Next we help you detoxify to remove the chemicals already in your body. Thirdly, we help you stay ahead of chemicals that are nearly impossible to avoid with a daily maintenance detoxification program.

Family history and genetics is one variable which increases cancer risk. This doesn’t mean you are doomed. In fact we know that environmental triggers play a big role in developing cancer.

Think of it this way – your genetics raise the gun and the environment pulls the trigger. Following a detoxification program and chemical-free living are your best ways to minimize the effects of your cancer family history.

Reduce Cancer Risk

The second line of defense is achieve and maintain optimal health. This includes eating organically, exercising, managing your stress well, and providing your body with targeted supplements that support your immune system, control inflammation, and correct deficiencies. When you are healthy at a cellular level your immune system can do what it is intended to do, keep you healthy!

Your best defense against having to deal with cancer is a good offense. Call Redding Integrative Medicine today and schedule your free screening visit to learn how you can reduce your cancer risk.