Test, Not Guess


Cathy discusses why various integrative medicine tests may reveal the root cause of your health problem.


Many of my patients subscribe to newsletters looking for natural therapies for their health concerns. I support this and encourage everyone to continue to learn about their health. Patients have even brought me information which is new to me and have incorporated this into my practice. However, be aware of a common trend I have seen over the past few years with the rise in newsletters. Patients read or hear about the newest natural treatment for a symptom they are experiencing and start taking the supplement. Over time they can end up taking many supplements that are either not needed or possibly detrimental to their health.

Traditional allopathic medicine refers to this as “polypharmacy”. This occurs when a patient goes to several physicians or pharmacies for their prescriptions. Taking too many prescriptions can increase the likelihood of an adverse drug reaction.

What Is Polyfarmacy?

The same thing can happen when taking supplements – I call this “polyfarmacy” – that’s POLY F-A-R-M-acy. It is not unusual to have a patient bring in one or two large sackfuls of supplements. Taking too many prescriptions drugs or natural supplements can be misdirected in only treating symptoms and not addressing the root cause.

Remember, integrative medicine is based on the principle that the body knows best how to heal. All we need to do is give the body what it needs and remove barriers preventing it from healing. Treating symptoms should be for the shortest possible time using the most effective natural treatment while addressing the root cause.

Don't Throw Darts in the Dark… Test, Not Guess

Our approach is to TEST not GUESS. We use several different testing methods to tell us if you have a deficiency or a barrier needing to be corrected. In addition to using standard blood tests to check things like vitamin D and B12, we use the Oligoscan in-office spectrophotometer device to measure minerals and heavy metals along with the pulsewave device which measures hardening of the arteries. When indicated, we also rely on urine tests to determine iodine deficiency and chemicals in your body.

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Proper testing can ensure that you are taking the right supplements and therapies for you. Call today for your free screening to learn more.