"Treating symptoms — that has been my experience with doctors my entire life. Take another pill for every symptom. My questions regarding the origin of symptoms have been shrugged off. Meeting Cathy Ochs was a breath of fresh air. For the first time, I found a practitioner that wanted the patient to be a collaborator in care, a team approach in a journey to wellness. My underlying disease process has gone undiagnosed for my entire life, until now. Ms. Ochs took the time to actually explore my symptoms, find the underlying cause, and TREAT THE CAUSE! I believe her approach should be an example that American medicine embraces and pursues. THANK YOU CATHY!!!"

—Jamie Baudizzon, Psychotherapist
Redding, California

"After many years of doctor visits and getting nowhere, I have finally made some progress with my health issues. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for help."

—John W., Equipment Mechanic
Redding, California

"In 'The Integrative Medicine Solution', Cathy Ochs outlines the precise ways that we can achieve ultimate health and wellness with our patients and within our practices. This book is the ultimate health care providers' guide back to sanity from the presently insane health care system. This timely resource restores faith and hope in our practices proposing alternative revenue streams to keep our practices thriving."

—Diana Hoppe, MD, FACOG, author of Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You and Creator of the 'Amazing Over 40' Health Coaching Certification Program

"I am 79 years old and this is the best I’ve felt for a number of years. I have much more energy playing golf 2-3 times a week."

—Donald Moor, Retired Pilot
Shingletown, CA

"When I first came to Redding Integrative Medicine I had just had a heart attack. I reached out when I was told I needed to have bypass surgery. I refused to accept this. Meeting with them the first time I knew they could restore my health. After four months my blood pressure has dropped approximately 50 points!! My weight has dropped 25 pounds. My endurance has drastically improved and improves on a daily basis. Their common sense approach comes very recommended."

—Kevin Rust, Plumber
Susanville, CA

"I suffered life-threatening health challenges including heart, thyroid and blood pressure issues. Traditional approaches failed to produce results. I found a common sense alternative with integrative medicine. My results are measurable and sustainable. I would not be here today without the benefits I achieved with integrative medicine."

—Catherine Carl, Retired RN
Redding, CA

"Being a diabetic uncontrolled for the last six years with blood glucose ranges to 405, before meeting Cathy Ochs, I felt afraid for my future. I was prescribed more medications and insulins I personally did not feel were the answer for my health. After three months I only take two medications with reductions of their dosage. My A1C level dropped one point and my blood pressure is controlled. I would recommend her program to anyone, and in fact do daily!"

—Brenda White, RDH, BS (registered dental hygienist)
Redding, California

"Cathy Ochs is a very knowledgeable, caring PA-C. My wife and I have enjoyed working with her to restore my health naturally after conventional doctors did nothing more than prescribe drugs. Cathy’s approach, find the root cause and treat that through natural herbs, vitamins and food supplements, which have no side affects! We have recommended her to several of our friends."

—Gary Sandahl, Technology Analyst
Weaverville, California

"When introduced to integrative medicine I had allergies, no energy, diverticulosis, gluten intolerance, back pain, overweight, metabolic problems plus a ten year battle with vertigo. Integrative medicine CURED most problems and almost cured the rest. I stopped taking allergy medication, improved my immune system but the best part is my mental clarity and memory have improved dramatically. Integrative medicine is the solution we have all been waiting for."

—Peggy Sutterfield, Retired
Redding, California

"I chose this program to stop taking blood pressure medication and learn a natural way. My blood pressure is better and I am off medication for it. I would recommend the program to others. I have learned so much about the body and what works to help with my health concerns."

—Diana Ellison, Retired
Redding, California

"I have known Cathy Ochs for two years. She helped me find a magnesium my body could tolerate. Helping stabilize my thyroid and getting my body back in balance with vitamin, minerals and digestive help."

—Sylvia Dixon, Retired
Shasta Lake, California

"You have done an excellent job. Your book will help shed light on what patients need to know about the tyrannical nature of our health care system. The truth about health care should stir our country into action to change the status quo, which is causing our citizens great distress and suffering."

—Mark Starr, MD, author of Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic and Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, and Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment