Why Integrative Medicine Is Better for Your Health

Cathy Ochs, PA-C, Redding Integrative Medicine, exposes the truth, why integrative medicine should be considered as a primary method of health care.

Our current healthcare system is broken. Patients are unhappy with short doctor visits that focus on a prescription to treat their symptom while ignoring the cause of their problem.

A recent survey of 1,000 patients showed one-third spent less than ten minutes with their doctor, and 93% less than 30 minutes. Seven out of ten Americans take at least one prescription drug daily. This drug focused system results in one million people needlessly dying each year from a drug related side effect.

We don’t have a health care system but a dangerous symptom management system.

A Better Way

This system is great at helping us avoid pain and saving lives. But it often stops there. Addressing the root cause of what brought on your problem and fixing this is rarely done. Half of adult Americans live with a chronic health problem.

Instead, our system has become very good at keeping symptoms at bay with drugs and ignoring the cause. This creates an unhealthy nation. The Commonwealth Fund ranks the U.S. last in quality care of 11 developed nations while spending the most in health care dollars. Clearly something is wrong.

Excellent Solution

Integrative medicine is an excellent solution for our broken system and improving our health. Integrative medicine practitioners spend time with you getting to the root cause of your problem. This cannot be achieved in a ten minute visit. We focus on using natural therapies to support your body to correct the underlying problem and achieve optimal health. Prescription drugs are used only when there are no alternatives available and for the shortest time possible.

Let's Talk

Integrative medicine is a better way for all of us. I encourage you to call today for your free screening visit to learn more.


Integrative medicine combines the best practices of traditional medicine with today's state of the art technology offering you the real possibility of cure as opposed to symptom management.

Redding Integrative Medicine is dedicated to our prime goal of discovering the root cause of your health problem. Treating the cause, and eliminating the symptoms.

To determine the root cause of a health problem, we test — not guess. We search for deficiencies and barriers that need to be corrected for you to enjoy optimal health and longevity.


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Type 2 hypothyroidism is a silent killer causing weight gain, fatigue and can be the root cause of heart disease, cancer and immune problems.

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Learn the truth about cholesterol and the consequences of medications designed to control it, like statins. Find out if you are at risk.

OUCH! Heartburn hurts. The majority of our society suffers heartburn symptoms regularly. It's all unnecessary. Eliminate heartburn when you eliminate the cause.

The #1 most important thing we can all do to significantly improve health, well-being and longevity. When you hear the facts I'm certain you will agree.


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Redding Integrative Medicine patients and medical experts agree that symptom management and a pill-for-every-ill philosophy is a poor replacement for total cure and optimal health.

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"I suffered life-threatening health challenges including heart, thyroid and blood pressure issues. Traditional approaches failed to produce results. I found a common sense alternative with integrative medicine. My results are measurable and sustainable. I would not be here today without the benefits I achieved with integrative medicine."

—Catherine Carl, Retired RN
Redding, CA

"I had allergies, no energy, diverticulosis, gluten intolerance, back pain, overweight, metabolic problems plus a ten year battle with vertigo. Integrative medicine CURED most problems. I stopped taking allergy medication, improved my immune system but the best part is my mental clarity and memory have improved dramatically. Integrative medicine is the solution we have all been waiting for."

—Peggy Sutterfield, Retired
Redding, California